Who we are

A beginning of exploration. Numerous underwater caves with incredible size,exceptional length,extreme depth and rich biology attract adventurers to exploration.  EZDIVE shares the passion with the adventurers by offering the most reliable Hogarthian diving gears. EZDIVE inspires the adventurers to conquer the new territory hidden in the mysterious earth.

Explorer spirit. All the products are emerged from a shared passion to explore, document and conserve the numerous underwater world. Our testing team members are dedicated to explore challenging caves which are deep ,complicated and heavy-silt. Exploring the unknown is the core of our business and the spark which makes us move forward.

Our philosophy

Only The Best Satisfies The Best

We are good at
Manufacture– 8 years
Develop & Design– 6 years
Tech Diving– 10 years
Warranty – 5 years*
The Best Diver With EZDIVE
Pascal Bernabé
Pascal Bernabé used trimix to dive to 330 meters (1,083 ft) 5 June 2005 near Propriano, Corsica.

“Excellent diving light !”

“Streamlined and good design, comfortable shoulder pad,easily dump gas from BC. Very impressive.”


— Pascal Bernabé
  • Test models : EZDIVE BC, Flashlight J1500,  J600
  • Test date : March, 2014
  • Test depth : 100M
Here are some of the reviews and testimonials we received from our happy customers

Very good knife! It was my first purchase on EZDIVE Gear and I am very happy. I recommend to all.

Poland diver
Lukasz Lewandowski
Poland diver

Excellent Value and light. This knife has many uses, including for diving.Another property of titanium is it does not conduct heat, So the knife does not feel cold in your hand.

american diver
Planet Mike
U.S. diver from Amazon

Fantastic! Just as described,great shipping.

USA diver icon
U.S. diver from Amazon

I do like the small lights.The beam and brightness are very nice for such a small light.

USA diver icon
U.S. diver

It is definitely one of the best diving knife I have used. Affordable, Gets job done, Good quality and design .T It does the job pretty well. Very lightweight and handy. One thing surprised me is that it is not only a knife, but also can be used as a spanner or screwdriver for purposes other than diving. Because it was made of titanium, it doesn’t rust after uses (used twice so far).

USA diver icon
Kathy D
U.S. diver from Amazon

I’d highly recommend this light. Only used the light on 1 dive so far, but operated well at 70-ft. The light turns on by rotating/screwing the 2 sections together. The pressure at 70-ft turned it on without me touching it so had to back it off a bit. There are 3 o-rings on the threads (and comes with spares) and the light appears to be solid, quality construction. It is all of 300 lumens and very handy to have on your dive mask to keep your hands free. Hardly notice it hanging from your strap and since you feed your strap through the loops, cannot come off your mask. For the price,

USA diver icon
Zoom Xoom
U.S.diver from Amazon

Отличное качество, очень быстрая доставка, аккуратно упакован в фирменный пакет, в наборе дополнительно 2 запасных лезвия.

Russia diver
Timofeev Evgeniy
Russian Federation diver

Pure Titanium, excellent choice 🙂

Poland diver icon
Piotr Spiewak
Poland diver

SuperB wheel & cord – Fast Shipping – AAA+ seller – I will order again!

Martin Rikstad
Norway diver

You guys are just great and sell very good products. The delivery was extremely fast! Thank you very much! Anytime again!

Switzerland diver
Gianni Capone
Switzerland diver

Item is well build and look solid !

Singapore diver
Sam Yeo
Singapore diver

Very good, I tested and it is good. I recommend.

Brazil diver
Eduardo Nascimento
Brazil diver

Бастрая доставка товар соответствует описанию. Качественно . Хороший магазин советую.

Russia diver icon
Nikitchenko Oleg Vladimipovich

non ho ancora testato bene il prodotto in mare ma sembra ok. il venditore è stato rapido.tutto ok

Simone Caruso
Italy diver

Продавцу спасибо, все на 5+, в три раза дешевле, чем в магазине, три недели в пути, таможня похоже порылась, обратно запаковала, акт приложила что на 2 грамма стало легче

Russia diver icon
Samarets Andrey Ilyich
Russia diver

Works very well! I deployed it several times with a finger spool with no problems. It seems very durable and the bungee loop holds it when rolled up.

USA diver icon
Cindy Schuchardt
U.S. Diver

Very resistant material, actually much better than I expected.(EZDIVE SMB)

USA diver icon
R. Rodrigues
U.S. Diver

Good knife for dive. Is Very light and has a normal cutting power, is not a strong knife. You can use it like a tool for adjust the houses in the stages You can put it in the harness belt in the wing´s systems or another similar belt Good quality / price if you compare with another’s similar knifes.

spain diver icon
Miguel Ibanez
Spanish Diver